A little something extra – How To Make a Scrap Fabric Flower Pin … under $5 and 15 minutes for sure!

So Sew Something!

As you may know, 2 weeks ago I participated in Sew, Mama, Sew’s Giveaway Day.  It was so much fun – I visited all kins of awesome blogs and won THREE things!!!

Well, I gave away 2 dresses.  One from my blog and one from my Etsy shop.

The blog winner chose a navy blue strapless dress with a yellow/white seersucker sash.  So that’s what I just finished for her.  I think it’s so cute and classy.  ….   ….   …. and a little bit boring.  So….. I added something.  Just the simplest, sweetest, nicest little flower pin. If I like it, I thought you might, too.  So, here’s a free tutorial on how to make these easy breezy things.  They DEFINITELY fall into the Under $5 and 15 minutes series!


Okay… Let’s make ’em!

So that’s it.

It really is super easy and super fun.  I want a million…

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Celebrate Anthro Knockoffs – How to make a Big Ruffle Scarf

So Sew Something!

I have had this project logged in my brain for about 2 months now.  I was “visiting” an Anthropologie store back in July during a huge sale.  Of course, very few things were yet in my price range, but I really enjoyed browsing around.  One of the things I saw on the sale rack was a huge scarf.  It was on clearance for about $50 – and it was 110 degrees outside.  Even if I had the bucks, there was no way I was walking out of there with a SCARF!

I didn’t take a picture, but I remember that all it was was one very long row of very lightweight fabric with ruffled sides.

Here is what I made as my version of what I remember.  (Admittedly, mine is quite a bit bigger – but such is life in Texas!)

If you like this little ditty …. read on….here’s…

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Fabric Covered Necklace – Take 2 – a TUTORIAL

So Sew Something!

I have always LOVED these necklaces – I think they’re so fun and dainty and still sort of….dare I say it….Powerful!

I created one back in the spring, but I just couldn’t find wooden beads  of a large enough scale to get it to look…Powerful.  I never wore the one I made earlier, but I’m feeling like I will be making and wearing many of these new ones!

Here is Take 1:

Here is Take 2:

For the How-To….

You’ll need:

wooden beads – i like the 1″ size, you can find at Hobby Lobby in the wood working section.

fabric strip cut very long and 3.5″ wide

sewing machine …if you don’t know how to sew, remember I can teach you!

Time: it took me a while to figure out how wide to cut the strap, but once I got that figured out, the necklace only took about 20…

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Covered Button Magnetic Bracelet – a TUTORIAL!

so planning to copy…..

So Sew Something!

So, you may remember that I have also posted an entry about covered button bracelets…I really think they’re darling!

The other day, while browsing the aisles of a hobby store, I happened to notice a NEW KIND of BRACELET perfect for gluing covered buttons onto.  Thus, today’s new Tutorial!

You’ll need:

bracelet – $3.99 regular price but, of course, i only buy when they’re 50% off!

2 buttons to cover

tiniest bit of scrap fabric

hot glue and glue gun

For the fabric, you’ll want to choose a light weight fabric like a calico or lighter.  Also, since the buttons aren’t too big, it’s best to choose a print with a small scale.  I think mine would look cuter if I had chosen a fabric with smaller designs.

Time: truly about 5 minutes…probably less

Cost: $1.50 for bracelet and approx. $1 for buttons = $2.50

Let me know if you…

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Let’s call this ”Marriage requirements”……. ;)

I am going to share an article I got from a friend. It came as a BC and gosh… I’m impatient with BC senders.. Cool though that I read this one. …….touched me a little. I will comment in parentheses.

“The Rate at which marriages collapse these days is assuming a social status symbol in our society. In no time, people will be throwing divorce parties, invite friends and well-wishers to celebrate their divorce anniversaries; they will choose aso-ebi, hire a hall and popular musicians and all (my God!!!!! All that trouble!!).   Even a question like “So when are you getting divorced?” will become common (wide-eyed!!!!).

Here come the advise:

1. If you know you can’t handle the weight and pressures of marriage, please remain single.

2. If you don’t know what marriage is all about, please remain single until you do.

3. If you are getting married because of the things you desire or hope to gain from the other person, please remain single.

4. If you know you can’t be faithful, remain single.

5. If you can’t endure insults from one another, please remain single.

6. If you can’t forgive one another’s wrongs, please remain single.

7. If you can’t place your spouse above every other human being, please remain single!

8. Don’t get married out of desperation. “All my friends are getting married” is the most foolish (st-ooo-peed-est)  reason to get married!

9. If you desire a successful home, but your choice of friends are forces not to reckon with, think again. Be very mindful of where you go for advice; Many would give, but not all mean well (noted)!

10. Guys, if you know you can’t put your wife ahead of your ego, please remain single till you are mature. Your wife is your priority…..and EVERYTHING else including you comes last. You are the teacher, the guide, the bodyguard, the role model (you are not a deity or God. So do not expect to b worshiped). U need respect, earn it by being responsible (word)!

11. Ladies, if you know you can’t be submissive please don’t go into marriage so you’re not turned to a punching bag!   If you know you can’t stand being corrected, please remain single. Ladies check your domestic score card; if your score is 0, please stay in your parents’ house (kikikikiki).

Now, the last advice from me (wide grin)…. Now that you have read this to the end, find what applies to you and work on it… You have no idea how many points I scored here (wink wink)…

My first Post….. yayy

Day 1

For some special reason, I decided I needed a place to let off some steam. Mind you, this could be good steam or bad steam, after all, we  have white smoke and black smoke. so yeah, it is going to be roller coaster. 

          I am just here sitting in my office, which if I might add, I am looking for a way to get out from; to high enough grounds though.. I constantly have to face stubborn people who have made me Google things I never thought I would e.g. “how to get around a stubborn mind”… gosh!!   Did I mention, I am “fighting polio” and working on a northern state (which I wont mention for my own safety and in a bid to fulfil the promise I made to at least two ova in my ovaries that they would see the light of day as screaming babies covered in “birth goo” ………..*squirming*)  that apparently and much to my dismay does not wanna be free of the scourge of paralysis in their own kids.. so very hard to understand. Hence the need to Google. Well, “when there is life, there is hope”- never thought I would use that line as I always knew it in a song and never felt the need to use it. 

          Since this is the first post, lemme keep it short. I am weakened by some flu I caught (dunno where it was flying from).. will see to a “bi-daily” update here.. 

PS- I hope “BI-daily” was invented by me.. have not heard it before nor used it….

PS2- I will be using my own English here as I deem fit.. one of the perks of being THE AUTHOR.. if I have up to five PS’s, I will number them… whats my own?? really must run now.. day 2 is only so many hours away..

PS3- Have a nice day… 🙂